Teleological Argumentative Analysis

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. Hawking says that there was a time when everything in the universe were connected to each other and the density of the universe was infinite, which according to the “general theory of relativity…predicts that there” was “a singular point in the universe” [3]. Before big bang, nothing existed. Energy and time were created later. This theory is in coherence with the scientific method. If we invest some thinking to find some evidences that support the existence of god, we can find a few evidences. The Teleological Argument is an argument that supports the evidence of god. Pecorino says that the argument concludes that everything in the universe is a grand design, and there must have been a designer (god) who designed a “complex, united, coherent …show more content…
There is no need to believe that God created life as there is no supporting evidence to the claim. Instead, we can believe that evolution, which is verified by scientific method, created diversity in living being. Various researches and experiments have confirmed evolution. Coyne says that all of life was the outcome of “evolution” and scientific research has shown various examples of “evolution in action” [4]. He says, “Today scientists have as much confidence in Darwinism as they do in the existence of atoms, or in microorganisms as the cause of infectious disease.” Evolution is real, and humans evolved from another species. Science explains both the origin of life and variety in living beings. We cannot deny that evolution and natural selection really works. According to the theory of natural selection, a specie that is suitably adapted to the nature survives longer and its weaker counterpart dies quickly, and in long span of time the weaker specie gets extinct. Let us look an example to understand natural selection. During industrial revolution, wastes from industries made the tree trunks darker. As a result, it was hard for the birds that eat moths to hunt darker moths. So, the population of dark moths increased while the population of light moths got rare [8]. This example explains how animals that are weakly adapted to the environment get extinct. God was never required for the origin and continuance of life, but it is all a random process where stronger creatures live longer, and their weak counterparts become extinct, which is the cause of

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