Exercise 101 Study Guide

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A. Convert the following rotation to degrees and revolution.

1. 1/3 rotation : counterclockwise

2. 4/5 rotation : clockwise

3. 13/3 rotation clockwise

B. Change each radian measure to degree measure and sketch the angles in standard position.

1. / 3 rad 2. -3 / 4

C. Determine which of the following angles are quadrantal angles.

1. 850 = __________________ 3. 5600 = ___________________
2. 2700 = ________________ 4. 2,4500= __________________

1.5 COTERMINAL ANGLES Co terminal angles are angles in standard position which have the same terminal side. Y


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& Sec.:_________________ Date:____________________

Exercise 1.3

A. Tell whether the angles are in standard position or not and indicate whether it is negative or positive

1. 2. 3. θ ά


B. Change the following degree measure to radian

1. 450 25’ 2. -450⁰ 3. 755⁰ 45’

C. Change the following to degree measures:

/2 2. 5 /4 3. -4 4. 3 / 4

D. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Encircle your answer.
1. Which of the following is a positive angle. a. b. c. d.

1. Which of the following angles is quadrantal?
a. -90⁰ b. 120⁰ c. 60⁰ d. -300⁰

3. The following angle measures describe the same angle except a. /6 rad b. -3000 c.60⁰ d. 7

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