Executive Summary Essay

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Executive Summary for Dave & Buster’s, Inc.
MISM 3310-01
March 3, 2011
Dave & Buster’s, Inc. utilizes various systems for its day-to-day functions. Because the technology in the organization must support restaurants, warehouses, and the corporate office, several systems must be integrated to work together to support all the activities of the organization. Dave & Buster’s restaurants, known as stores, require detailed point-of-sale, or POS systems, labor systems, and inventory systems designed for restaurant use. Warehouses require inventory systems, which also tie into the financial system. The corporate office requires a financial package that supports approximately $521 million in revenue per year and inventories of
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Also included in the Micros system are the various kiosks where guests may purchase and/or “recharge” their amusement “Powercards.” These kiosks carry the Micros software so that the sales generated by the kiosks are loaded into and kept on the Micros servers. Finally, included is the credit card system which allows Dave & Buster’s to offer its guests the flexibility of using credit cards or debit cards to make purchases. Key to the success of customer oriented business is the ability to extract this rich data from each guest visit and turn that into information that can be used to gain competitive edge. This system’s software and hardware should be updated regularly to ensure the organization gets optimal use of each component. “There are many fundamental issues with older technology, but the most outstanding problem is working with a POS system that is a challenge to control or to gain accurate information” (“Escoffier On Line”). Micros software has not been updated in approximately three years and should be made current. The next critical systems are Dave & Buster’s inventory systems. These are Compeat, which is used for food and beverage inventory, Taps, which is used for liquor control and inventory measurements, and MOM, which is used for Midway and amusement inventories. Each of these systems also interfaces with corporate systems in batch processing. Compeat contains handheld

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