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Recognizing that effective communication with external people is more important than ever for engineers. Professor Ian Phillips from ARM Corporation had delivered a presentation focused on the importance of communicating engineers’ role to public. Despite engineers had done marvelous achievements since the first Industrial Revolution in 1750, however, they failed to present these accomplishments to public so that people could not give enough credits for the hard efforts.

One important factor is that there seems to be a significant gap between the effectiveness of delivering the right impression. Even through electronics are everywhere existed, they usually covered by human interface and do not directly show in sight,
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The situation turned worse in 2004 over time. Engineering industry was lost between manufacturing and IT but not be recognized as a creative industry or frontier science like nanotechnology which has the potential to evolutionally change the world forever.

Failing to address such communication problems between engineers and the rest of world can seriously affect the bottom line. The professional engineers can not seal themselves to a tiny circuit otherwise the ignorance of the public would seriously damage this industry. Down to the essence of Engineering is about equations. Take computer as an example, computation with figures is the main activity within a computer. It had been developed and interpreted by engineers since 1947 when digital computer was first invented. And even the computer was theoretically possible; the engineers were still need to integrate manufacturing procedures and minimize the cost to an acceptable level. In the end, all these efforts converted raw materials to a computer magically if the public do not know the procedures. The people will take the products for granted because that is what they had seen. If people get used to existing situation and pay less attention, the development of this industry will never conduct.
The responsibility of recognizing communication’s importance and improving the situation are falling to everybody. Metaphorically

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