Essay on Exclusive Coast

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Exclusive Coast Around the world, along our ocean’s coast, there are miles and miles of nature’s beautiful beaches. These alluring shores with sublime weather become prime real estate for those who can afford it. When someone buys the property they expect to own the land that comes with it: so a person that buys a beach house expects that their backyard, the beach, is their private land. However, most people feel that all beaches should be public for tourism and personal satisfaction. That one cannot own “nature.” Despite the many heated debates over this exigence and the many laws that have been passed, individuals should come to the conclusion that the economic and recreational needs of the general public are greater than the needs of …show more content…
Department of Justice Environmental Enforcement Section. What she stated goes against laws dating back to the Roman era, “that required that the seas and tidal land remain open to all for fishing and navigation. As history tells, in A.D 530, the Roman Emperor Justinian asked his legal scholars to codify the empire’s laws; the resulting Institutes of Justinian included the provision that ‘by the law of nature these things are common to all mankind; the air, running water, the sea and consequently the shores of the sea.’ Thus was born the idea of a public trust seashore” (Kranz 12). In theory, because of the doctrine, every state should be giving the public access to the “wet sand” area of beaches, while private property lies above the mean high tide line. This doesn't mean anything if the public is not given ways to access these wet sand areas and what about when there are high tides and individuals have to move up to the dry land. These laws also protect the beach land from becoming overdeveloped by homeowners and property owners. This debate should not even be an issue because it seems like such a clear cut topic. Nevertheless, beach property owners believe that it is their right to have privacy; they paid for the land so therefore they should be allowed to do whatever they want with it. It is not that simple for homeowners because beach use has been an inherited right for centuries. “A simple way that states may

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