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Company and Marketing Objectives
Launching ‘Innocent’ into the Growing Fruit Smoothie Market of New Zealand.

In order to make innocent drinks marketing objective like other countries, New Zealand is the perfect market for smoothies and offers a great opening to innocent drinks bringing their products. Obesity and Heart diseases rapidly increasing in New Zealand and most of the population have changed their eating habits and lifestyles. This provides a ready market for their products. According to the innocent drinks they are nutritious and versatile, and are an excellent way of grabbing a quick meal. They are generally low in fat and calories and make an excellent drink and or snack especially at lunchtime. I also feel that innocent
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Some of the marketing strategies include changes in advertising strategies, changes in valuing strategy, labeling strategy, trades strategy, distributive strategy, product creation and diversity strategy, changes in trade strategy, changes in labeling strategy and labeling strategies among others. Such strategies are having the same exact contents for the purpose of meeting the company 's marketing objectives or marketing goals. The management plan/pattern and the strategic marketing are to commonly dependent aspects, which aim at giving a reflection of the structure of the company. This therefore means that any company, which is service, based has great habit/desire to change to fit the strategies, which are matched even with to the services the company provides. The above analysis of the implementation of marketing strategy will provide the foundation to innocent smoothies and how the marketing mix affects the operations of this organization in New Zealand. The following objectives stem from these …show more content…
Packaging And Distribution:
As per the report on innocent drinks website in 2007, Innocent drinks is the world first company to achieve 100% recyclable and renewable packaging and follow sustainable packing policy.
Innocent should use Coca Cola distribution network to establish their products into the market. It will help them to capture the market and deliver their product to consumer.

Profits Shared:
Innocent drinks another smart strategy to attract consumer to share their ten percent profit is donated towards their own charity that funds help projects to develop farmers to grow finest fruits. Apart from this innocent runs three another charitable projects:
Buy One Grow One Tree - To support Indian rural societies in which more than eighty six thousand trees has been planted.
Big Knit Choir- To support aged people by knitting bobble hats (to wear top of the lid on the bottle in winter), it raise more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars approximately every year.

Keeping things natural - 100% pure fruits and vegetables.
Responsible ingredients - Healthy

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