The Avengers Movie Analysis

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Superhero movies we see them everywhere and we all know how they start and how they end, but do we actually know how the detail and plotline of a hero’s journey appear in these movies. Well Marvel one of the biggest staples of superhero franchise released their big movie featuring everyone's favorite heroes and this film was directed by Joss Whedon and grossed over 1.5 billion dollars over opening weekend. This filmed did well because of many factors that the film pulled together and let it appeal to the viewers, But focusing on how the hero’s journey fits in to the movie and how it appears for example who is the herald, Refusal Of Call, shadow, Trickster, and Etc.
The Avengers starts off with the call to adventure right in act 1
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The hero doesn’t really changed until change from the supreme ordeal until Tony Stark the hero changes from being a trickster hero who goofs off sometimes to becoming a serious hero when he has to use his suit and himself to guide the missile into the space portal to save New York. The reward was the world being saved from Loki and the aliens, also when Tony Stark successfully guided the missle away the road back to the ordinary world was him falling from the other dimension back into New York when it the portal was closing. Tony Stark comes back down to earth where he is seemly dead he is resurrected by the Hulk when the Hulk screams this point is the resurrection. The last point of this movie is the return with elixir from the journey as when the battle is now over Tony Stark the hero realizes that after all that happened to New York and the world that they need a team of superheroes to protect the earth as a team instead of them doing it all alone.
Marvel’s The Avengers is a movie with multiple points from the hero’s journey as seen through the essay with Tony Stark being the hero and the trials that they faced against Loki who was the shadow, but also meeting the supporting characters of the journey like the Hulk which was the shapeshifter and herald who invited

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