Examples Of False Realities In The Truman Show

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In a society focused on social media and reality tv, false realities can be created, however, will never prevail.These false realities can be seen in the image one portrays on social media, seeming to always have a perfect life, while that is almost never true. False realities will not succeed, as seen in The Truman Show, because reality always catches up to you, it disrupts others lives, and since people will find out that it is a lie. False realities are doomed from their start as reality always catches up. The false reality displayed in The Truman Show is a prime example of this. Like a majority of false realities, the delusion lasts for a few years until he starts to catch on. The first person to ensure that the truth is revealed …show more content…
Within the film, people are often put on hold due to the show, stopping them from living their lives. This is displayed greatly with (insert name of wife) as she has to spend almost 24/7 with Truman in order for the lie to succeed. This makes it so her life outside of work is stopped, and thus she, as well as Truman, can not proceed with their lives. Truman is not able to continue with his life as well since the emotions he feels for (insert name) are manufactured, however, as he believes them to be true, he can not make a genuine, loving relationship. This is similar to everyday life when a lie is in effect. Often times lies are believed due to a person not actually wanting to know the truth since they might get hurt. For instance, taking from the example above, love can often disrupt one's life due to various forms of deception. For instance, it is not uncommon in a relationship that one of the parties is not truly interested in the other, but merely wants something out of them. This can cause the party with true affections for the other to pause their life. This can be in order to help, cling onto, or please the other party, all leading to a possible detrimental effect on the person's life as a whole. These things can impact important choices, making one follow another to a college or university despite their own best interests. Can make it so they can not take proper care of their self due to all their energy being put into protecting another. Also, possible heartbreak and emotional

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