Examples Of Conflict In Education

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Education “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” said Martin Luther King, Jr. But is intensive and critical thinking the true goal of education? There seems to be a hidden agenda that schools have to socialize students to prepare them for life as an adult. Education is a key factor in society for preparing children for the future. More learning happens in school than learning what is only on the curriculum. Education leads to progression and advancement. It is the key role in developing the minds of the next generation.
As it may seem like there is only one way and theory of viewing learning, but there are many different perspective
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If you have ever gone to school you know that there are the popular people, the nerds, the athletes and so on. Labels are given. There are different social status that you can achieve and this can invoke competition and contradiction. Sports as well well can prompt composition. There sprouts the competition to do better or have better scores than your classmates because your scores determine where one will go in America 's social class. Conflict is shown from the inequality in the classroom and school. Some students are given better changes and prospect. Some teachers are unconsciously biased and treat students differently based on their race, gender, intellect, social and economic status or physical attributes. There is also the difference of intelligence which brings conflict. Some are simply gifted with intelligence and others are not. Competition and discrimination …show more content…
There is what is called a hidden curriculum. This is a non academic motive that teaches students the culture of America. It is the value of discipline, order, cooperativeness, and conformity. Lessens essential for when one enters the “real world”. Lessons that can 't be truly learned from a curriculum or class. This socializes students into the competitive adult world, leaving their childhoods and families behind. Independence. Individuality. Conformity. All emphasized areas in which students become accustomed to. Crucial parts in American life to be learned. Also cultivated from education is primary and secondary relationships. School is a perfect model to show relationships. You have your peers, friends, equals and those you might consider “below you” on the social spectrum. Patriotism and civic duty are also taught under the hidden curriculum. Textbooks contain the history of America and a sense of patriotism as the past shaped the country we are apart of it. Teachers on the other hand are children 's first authority figure outside of their home. They are expected to respect and obey teachers and if they don 't they are generally given some sort of

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