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Multicultural education is not really represent in today’s classroom. Multicultural education is very important in a child education. Multicultural education allows students to learn other classmates’ cultural backgrounds while also learning at the same time. A teachers can easily change up there lesson plans so they accommodate the students in the classroom; allow the students to learn about the histories, values, beliefs, and perspectives of people from different cultural backgrounds. Students also need the opportunity to have the same education as everyone around them; no matter what color your skin is. Educational equality in the United States have been going on for years. I believe that the Civil Right Movement jump start the start of …show more content…
James Bank, Christine Sleeter, and Carl Grant (multicultural leaders) wanted to reduce prejudice, eliminate sexism, and equalize educational opportunities. Many multicultural educators felt like adding this to the cultural studies in textbooks wasn’t enough. Banks worried about this, he stated that multicultural education should be a basic part of a students’ education. Teachers should allow themselves to go out in the community and learn something about it; social interaction can help you as a teacher to make teaching relevant to communities, studying from different traditions and perspectives, and continually changing yourself and your teaching (Sleeter, 2016). James Banks dimension of multicultural education allow teachers to use different examples of incorporating multicultural education in the classroom. Content Integration is when the teacher use content from several cultures and incorporate it into the curriculum; for example a teacher that has 99% of Hispanic students need to have books in her classroom liberty that reflects Mexican culture. Knowledge construction is when students understands what have been taught and reflect it back to the material that has been learn. For example, students will learn the lives of slaves in both the north and south, and then compare the two. Prejudice Reduction help students to be more willing and open to learning about different cultures; a

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