Negative Effects Of Brown Vs Board Of Education Essay

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Brown vs Board Activity Throughout the years, culture and education have changed as evolution has changed human kind. Initially, culture and education were segregated by race, ethnicity, or skin color. However, as constitutional laws and regulations become more aware of racial and academic problems, court orders and institutional programs were established. One example that has changed the culture, education, and history was the Brown versus Board of Education court decision. This court decision helped break the back of state-sponsored segregation, and provided a spark to the American civil rights movement (History, 2009). Once the court decision came to be, many African Americans were happily entitled to a higher level of education beyond racial, cultural, and unconstitutional limitations. Consequentially, education has dramatically been altered in the same way as culture and human evolution. Education at some point in history had limitations based on skin color and race. The Brown and Board of Education court decision, for example, has …show more content…
Integration between different cultures can bring positive and negative effects. One positive effect of cultural and intellectual integration in many settings is the privilege to learn equally in mixed racial schools. Another positive effect of integration on education and culture is the ability to learn a higher level of knowledge without constitutional restrictions. On the other hand, a negative effect of integration is the risk of oversaturating the public-school system, limiting the number of funds and resources schools receive. Another negative effect of integration, although not as severe as the first one, is racial profiling by students based on race, skin color, or even lack of education. With both positive and negative effects of integration on education, students can understand and adapt as necessary to avoid further and future

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