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Data alone doesn’t give a complete picture of an FRC team because of how human the experience is. We are a family, we are bound together by passion and we work with limitless persistence to create a lasting impact, and that can’t be measured by any number. Throughout each season, year after year, our team creates a lasting impact not only on the students and mentors involved, but the community around us. Whether working as an entire team, or in designated sectors, known as subteams, we are always innovative, we are efficient, we are assiduous, and we are CORE.


Our team emphasizes the students and leadership skills through leading a subteam as well as being a safety captain, project manager, or
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During competitions our team typically gives a safety demonstration to every team in the pits. With these demonstrations we also hand out “safety-in-a-bag,” a sandwich bag that we give to teams containing small items needed for a safe team, including a hair tie, band-aids, a soap box used for lock-out-tag-out, and an antiseptic wipe. We also share our safety website with teams which contains our full safety data sheet library and our team 's safety procedures.


Outreach to the greater community
Our reach spans further than just the immediate community. As of this year, the team has undertaken the duty to clean a highway during the summer. This is important because we aren’t all about the robots, we’re about the people we support and the actions we do. Our team isn’t just the people we have it’s the people we serve, whether that be direct or indirect.
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By presenting to younger kids who ~are impressionable~ we skills that they will need life long. Skills such as creating a safe working environment, using tools safely and effectively and wearing safety glasses. During league nights we talk to teams about safety and reward their safe behavior with candy.

Demonstrations in the community
One of the ways we share our experience with others is by demonstrating our robot and team to others. We believe that setting a model that other teams can strive for is one of the best ways to help and grow others. We’ve gone to places including the local library program, a local Park & Rec Summer Program, and numerous fairs such as the State Fair, County Fair, and Les Paul Innovation Fair. These events provided valuable experiences to others as they were able to see us as an opportunity for learning in the community.

Demonstrations at SDW Schools/potential recruits
Our team strives to spread the knowledge of STEM and robotics to schools all around. Within the School District of Waukesha, we have demonstrated at various elementary and middle schools at events such as STEM for Girls, Blair Flair, and Hillcrest Math Night. In addition, we also present to potential recruits at open houses, Freshmen First Days, and miscellaneous functions at Waukesha South, North, and West High School, Saratoga Middle School, and

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