Examples Of Evangelism

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The world of Christianity has been expanding ever since there has been sin in the world. This is because evangelism exists for the sole purpose of saving the lost. Evangelizing to people means that a person will attempt to help people realize what is the accurate path of living in this life. Millions of people all over the world fail to see the real meaning behind God’s plan. Evangelism opens these peoples’ eyes to the facts. But many have absolutely no idea how to evangelize to anyone. One of these clueless people may stutter out the facts and do a poor job of communicating what they know to be true. Others might deliver the message to quickly or harshly. The proper technique of evangelizing ensures that the target audience will be enthralled with the information being given to them. One example of a great (and the most perfect) evangelizer ever to walk the earth is Jesus Christ himself. Using the best way to communicate the message, He used a simple combination of knowledge, wisdom, and love when preaching to the lost (One example can be found in Matthew 14:13–21).
Jesus Christ’s Life and Testimony With His life, Christ was able to win many over to God. He did so with the intention of helping everyone He was able to come across. Throughout His ministry He would tell stories, or parables, (one example can be found
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It is something which every Christian should be ready to do once they have accepted the facts as truth. Once a person has come to the faith it is important for them to find spiritual help and guidance in the walk with Christ. When they find this help and guidance they should be directed and taught on how to spread the good news to others and not just study it for themselves. The purpose of evangelism is to spread the Word and make it known to all creatures (Mark 16:15). In hindsight, people should be ready to teach and help people learn as soon as they come to the

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