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Legends are forever
Melvin Johnson
ENGL125-1103B-18: Real World Writing
IP 5
17 September 2011 |

Legends are forever

We are losing two thousand WWII Veterans a day. Once they are gone so are their stories. Unless we keep their memories alive, that’s what he started the Armed Forces Museum of Saint Louis. That’s what the members are trying to do today. This was Carol Venable’s dream; he was very interested in the United States Military during WWII. That’s why he wanted to keep their memories alive. He knew a lot about it from which way the soldiers to wear their covers (hat) to the serial number on General Patton’s ivory handled gun. Carol’s wife Mildred was so interested she became his first secretary and managed to raise
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Captain Venable and the Museum were now writing for grants, planning more events.
When all was going well the museum had got an evection notice so they had to find another place to put everything. Captain Venable found another place in Alton, Illinois it was a lot smaller so they had to a down size .Over half the artifacts they collected had to go in storage in a trailer it took two of them plus the vehicles we had to put of the artifacts in the vehicles we had to transport to the new location. It was just for a short time so Captain Venable started looking again. Captain Venable had a way for getting donations that he didn’t share with any one. Just down the road was an empty building much smaller but had a big parking lot. Times were getting hard some of the members didn’t come as often as they used to, it was too far for them to drive. They were running short on money one of the members had to pay the taxes twice and he even bought a trailer to haul are jeeps on. It was only three years and the museum was on the move again and nowhere to go.
We had a new member George he used to work at a nearby steel factory and they had an empty warehouse. George told Captain Venable about and that it was just around the corner. George and Captain Venable went to look at it, when they went inside George was telling him that the Building has been empty for thirty

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