Examining the Organisational Behaviour of Hickling's Associates Ltd

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Summary of the assignment
The case introduces Tony Azzara, who was retrenched by his previous company due to financial woes, as he tries to adapt himself a fresh working environment in Hickling Associates Ltd. Soon, Tony encountered difficulties in integrating into Hickling’s organization due to the apparent differences in the working culture. Stemming from the problems that he encountered in Hickling’s associates, Tony began to lose motivation to strive for better results. Fueled with the other problems, he resigned eventually. Three major issues – negative motivation, lack of communication and leadership style, will be critically examined to investigate the causes of the symptoms that are evident in Hickling’s organization. After which,
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He was very motivated to work hard and managed to double the number of seafood exports and establish new customer contacts. However, there was no performance feedback and bonuses as promised by Hickling. Tony was disappointed and just like his colleagues, his motivation and morale was low. Eventually, Tony resigned for a lower paid job as there were no career advancement opportunities in Hickling’s Associates.

3.2 Communication Issues
Hickling adopted an open office layout, whereby the employees did not have their personal working space. The lack of trust in Hickling towards his workers had him wanting to oversee all their actions. Also, Hickling failed to openly share information with his workers, be it on Tony’s arrival or industry functions. Ambiguity in the level of authority of the workers was unsolved and when attempted to by Tony, a public dressing-down by Hickling was the end result. Furthermore, there was no orientation or introduction for the new employee, Tony. The lack of interaction at all levels was also evident. Communication in all forms was heavily suppressed in the organisation as Hickling objected to discussion and information sharing among workers.

3.3 Leadership problems
Hickling was not an easy person to get alone with, as he was an intimidating superior with a terrible temper. Employees avoided Hickling when possible as they had been openly scolded by him previously. His drinking habit, dress code and lack of punctuality had a

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