Essay about Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain

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April 2, 2007

Section 1: A Synopsis and interpretation of the Supply chain changes made between Xbox and Xbox 360
Section 2: Benefits and Risks of global launch of Xbox 360
Section 3: Benefits and Limitations of using EMS firms concentrated in China and an Analysis of the co-ordination efforts required
Section 4: References 21

Section 1: A Synopsis and interpretation of the Supply chain changes made between Xbox and Xbox 360 by Anand Kangala

In July 1999, Microsoft legitimized its expansion beyond its core competencies, to invade the gaming hardware market with Xbox and made its impression on the thrill and action seeking needs of the sophisticated video gamers. It aimed at
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A lot of newcomers joined in to define the console, which of course had to be smaller than the version that the Japanese rejected. It narrowed down its choice to Astro Studios in San Francisco. Astro Studios in collaboration with the design team at Microsoft created the concave style console. Flextronics also lent its support on how to design in components that could be manufactured easily.
Effort to ensure planned ‘Time to Market' "It all comes down to supply". "All it takes is a shortage of one part to limit the supply".
Flextronics and Wistron were the partners from the first iteration of Xbox. A new relationship between Celestica and Microsoft was formed to assist production and handle the incremental volume and cater to other under explored markets, once the product hit the market. All three plants were located and concentrated in China. Together in the three big factories of Flextronics, Wistron and Celestica, there were more than 10,000 people at work making sure that the Xbox 360 arrived on time in November.
The Xbox 360 project had to run a lot smoother than the last one. Advanced Simulation technology helped make sure that the hardware worked right out of the gate. That's where a lot of the big bugs were found last time. Last time around, Nvidia ran late on the graphics chip,

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