Evolution Of The Elementary School Level Essay

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1. Introduction
In modern understanding and practice, it is nearly irrefutable that evolution by natural selection occurs and has shaped every aspect of life today. Then why do Americans in particular have such trouble coordinating this view with their views of creation? It is my belief that this is the result of institutional indoctrination first experienced at the elementary school level. Students in various public or private institutions are taught either evolution or Creation, hardly ever both in the scope of a science class.
The path to fixing this institutional problem is by teaching both creation theology and evolutionary biology in elementary schools through the scope of philosophy. This shift towards philosophy is already occurring in schools because of the Common Core initiative. Americans are part of a government which “presumes that all citizens not only understand the vital need for information, critical thinking, and civil discourse but also understand and act on the need to have those skills embedded in future generations.”
In this paper, I will argue that creation theology and evolutionary biology will be more readily held in consonance if both views are taught in elementary school science courses as well as an elementary introduction in philosophy in order to give students the tools of critical evaluation.

2. Creation Theology
Creation theology, is the study of the “account of the creation of the world as described in…

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