My Evil History: I Am A Transient Student In High School

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My Evil History I will never forget one thing because it makes me grow up like a man. It happened when I was in high school. I am a transient student in my high school. In China, the transient students are always the students who have bad performance and have no enough grades to enter a good school. My parents wanted me to get better education in a better high-school, so they spent quit a few of money and sent me to the school which is good in their eyes. No exaggeration, I learned nothing in the first tow years of high school. I sat with my friends in the last row of the classroom, and played self-phone games or Chinese chess almost every class. However, in the last year of high school, I have to attend the National University Entrance Examination. While I was trying my best to prepare the exam, the worst thing happened in my life. I think this event plays a major role in my life and changed my view to this world. I guess everyone met some idiot in school. I met one too. In my class, there is an idiot person who usually makes me sick. He was always running me down in front of other people. He fooled about all day long and likes a dog following ruffians. I do not want to talk much about his misdeed. The most irritated me thing …show more content…
I only keep in touch with few of mine previous classmates. Although it is not a good experience for me, I guess it is the precious wealth in my life. Whenever I recall this thing, I will be still very excited. I never regret the thing that I have done. I think what I was doing just like the William Wallace in the movie. Seriously, this event changed my life. If it doesn 't happen, I may not go study abroad, and I may never know the city of Prince George. At that dark time, I can feel the support from my parents, and I chose a new way for myself. I guess what I have learnt most is to maintain a positive attitude towards life and never doubt

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