Evidence Based Practice Task 2 (Wgu) Essay example

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Evidence Based Practice Task 1

Western Governors University

Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

The nursing topic of interest is bedside handover, which is the concept of conducting shift handover at the patient’s bed instead of doing it at the front desk.
Part A
The article being analysed is:
Tobiano, G., Chaboyer, W. & Murray, A. (2012). Family Members’ Perceptions of the Nursing Bedside Handover. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22, 192-200. The analysis of the primary research report is done in the form of a graph (figure 1). Each of the four analysis areas is rated within a scale of 1-10; 1 denotes extremely weak while 10 denotes very strong. Table 1 then gives
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The researcher |
| |did an in-depth review of literature especially by noting previous research done and |
| |their findings. |
|A2 Discussion of methodology |The research methodology included observations and field notes as well as in depth |
| |interviews. The study was based in a single rehabilitation ward focusing on the day to|
| |afternoon nursing hand off at shift change which also happened to be visiting hours and|
| |family members were likely to be present at bedside. The participants were a sample of|
| |eight people with our without previous experience in the handover whom were willing to |
| |take part on the study. Data collection consisted of in-depth, and audiotape |
| |interviews; the goal of such interviews was to encourage participant responses and help|
| |them share their experiences in full detail during handover and allow for a better |

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