Essay about Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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The short story “Everyday Use” I thought was a very good story. Alice Walker does a great job of using objects in her story that are used in everyday lifestyles, and the way people look at them and judge them. In the this short story there are four main characters, two sisters Maggie and Dee, Mama which is the mother of the two, and the boyfriend of Dee which his name is Asalamalakim. Dee, seems to be a judging type in the story, that’s mixed between two different life styles, one being the country life style that she hated and felt embarrassed of, which is her mothers style, and the other being her new life style which is urban, or the city folk type. What Dee needs to understand to always appreciate what you have, and love the ones who love you and care about you.
When reading this story I started to feel sorry for Mama, she explains herself as a big-boned woman with man-working hands, the only thing she knew was to work hard. She always liked doing the manlier things around the house, after all there wasn’t a father figure around in the story. I just don’t think Dee quit understood how hard her mother worked, and what the country life style meant to Mama. Every object around Mama in the story meant something to her, and she appreciated her belongings. Dee on the other hand seemed to not care too much about what her mother’s possessions. In the story Alice Walker includes that there was a butter chum sitting in the house and Dee thought it would be great to take…

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