The Differences Of Dee And Maggie's Values In The Quilts

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Family members share much of the same things in life. Children are born to the same mother, raised in the same house, and experience many of the same hardships. Dee and Maggie were born to a poor life that was filled with hardship. And, as they grew older their experiences led them down separate paths with separate mindsets. Dee and Maggie lived in a home that a was no better than a shack and had a hardened mother who worked through hard labor to provide. Although they were raised under the same roof, their personal experiences brought about changes and differences between the two girls. Some of the differences were brought about by a misfortunate house fire, education, and experiences outside of their humble beginnings. The account of Dee’s …show more content…
She asked for several items leading up to ask for two quilts. The conflict of receiving and taking the quilts rises when Mama explains they are to be Maggie’s when she marries John Thomas. Dee shows concern over preserving her family’s heritage by protecting the quilts. Dee views the importance of her family but does not carry that heritage inside her. Dee can only see her family through external objects and artifacts. During the argument between Mama and Dee, Maggie gives the ok to take the quilts and stated that she can remember her Grandma Dee, the maker of the quilts, without the quilts. Maggie being different than Dee in how they view she has viewed her life, carries the family heritage and history within herself. While Dee looks at physical history, Maggie has the learned skills of quilt making. Maggie remembers her family and the time they shared because she wasn’t focused on the outside world. Mama ended the argument by ripping the quilts from Dee’s hands and giving them to Maggie. Mama had a feeling brought on by the constant suppression of Maggie and the empowerment of Dee. Both Maggie and Dee love their family dearly. But, even though the sisters share a lot of love for their family, they express that love in different ways. It is the concern or for the outside world that leads Dee to love but be ashamed of her beginnings. Maggie’s whole life has been lived and learned under the protection of her family. Her timid nature, while kept her from exploring, has giving Maggie the gift of carrying her family’s heritage

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