9/11 Terrorist Attacks

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Events September 11, a series of suicide terrorist attacks have in the US in collaboration takes place on Tuesday, September 11 2001, when a group of hijackers is almost simultaneously hijacking four passenger aircraft Boeing effect on domestic routes in the United States. Group hijackers drove two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City - per aircraft crashed into one of the most two highest buildings, separated by about 18 minutes. Within two hours, both towers collapsed. A steering group of other hijacked planes crashed Tuesday in the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia.
According to the report of the National Commission on
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The reaction of governments and media around the world are fiercely condemn acts of terrorism, with the headline on the French daily Le Monde, summarizes the attitude of international sympathy: "Today all of us are Americans ", and millions around the world held a candlelight vigil victims. The leaders of most Middle Eastern countries have condemned the attacks, but Iraq is an exception, it launched a formal announcement, "the American cowboys are suffering the consequences sin their evil against humanity ". Meanwhile, a handful of Palestinians celebrated the event. Only about a month after the attacks, the US military led international military coalition in Afghanistan to hunt advances the armed forces of al-Qaeda almost topple the Taliban government for harboring terrorists excuse. The government of Pakistan decided to side with the United States in the war against Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. American country for some airports and military bases as rear bases for attacks on Afghanistan campaign, simultaneously to arrest more than 600 suspected members of al-Qaeda and the ones assigned to the US. The United States also is supported by many countries around the world, including Russia and China, in cooperation against global …show more content…
The United States declared war against terrorism with the aim of bringing Osama bin Laden to justice and prevent the emergence of other terrorist networks. These objectives will be accomplished by means such as economic sanctions and military against the country is considered to condone terrorists, and also increases the global surveillance measures and information sharing intelligence. Military coalition led by the United States launched an attack on the Taliban in Afghanistan. Along with the US, other countries are dealing with terrorist activities as the Philippines and Indonesia also increased military preparation. President Bush also received massive support of many countries around the world, including Russia (also persecuted by the Islamic extremist group) and China, in cooperation against global terrorism. Many other countries, including England, Germany, France, China, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Jordan, Mauritius, Uganda and Zimbabwe passed laws to "combat terrorism" and to freeze the bank accounts of businesses or individuals suspected of being linked to al-Qaeda. The intelligence agencies and law enforcement in some countries such as Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines arrested several suspected terrorists with the aim of smashing the armed groups

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