Evaluation Of The Skills And Abilities Required For Reading Essay

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Introductory Information
Test name: Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery
Publisher: Richard Woodcock, Nancy Mather, and Frederick A. Schrank, 2004
Purpose of Test: The Woodcock Johnson III measures the skills and abilities required for reading.
Construction Methodology

The Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery consists of ten subtests taken from the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement III. The subtests include subtests administered in the standard fashion, with the examiner reading directions and prompts to the student; subtests that require audio presentations with headphones; and timed subtests (Overton, 2016). The following subtests of the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement (WJ III) are included in the Woodcock Johnson III: Letter-Word Identification Passage Comprehension Word Attack
Reading Vocabulary
Reading Fluency
Spelling of Sounds
Sound Awareness
Sound Blending
Oral Vocabulary
Oral Comprehension

The Comprehensive Manual of the WJ III DRB provides a model of how a student’s reading score relates to his or her reading performance in a classroom setting. As noted in the manual, the student’s reading performance in class is likely the result of many contributing factors. For example, reading performance is the integration of many of the student’s aptitudes in areas such as phonemic awareness and oral vocabulary, which then contribute to decoding and reading comprehension (Overton, 2016).

Reliability Information

Test- retest-…

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