Evaluation Of The Public Officials Essay

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The public officials are recruited from four sub-districts (jiedao) in Shanghai (two sub-districts in Pudong District, one in Yangpu District, and one in Huangpu District). These local regulators are public officials who have direct working connections with care agencies and service users in the community (juwei) and sub-district (jiedao) governments or Civil Affairs Bureau (sub-district level) in Shanghai. During the fieldwork, I found these public officials at sub-district level also act as purchasers in the care market.
At first stage of purposive sampling, three personal contacts have been asked to introduce potential interviewees, including one professor in the social work department in a university, one manager in a social work institution, and one staff member in a consulting firm for the elder care industry. However, it was difficult to get in touch with care agencies and governments at the first stage. I did not recruit enough interviewees through the introduction of my personal contacts, which pushed me to change the recruitment schedule by applying snowballing sampling earlier. In the second stage, the snowballing sampling was applied to expand the variety of means to approach participants. In this case, I asked participants to introduce potential interviewees in my target sampling criteria. After getting the contact information of potential participants, I recruited interviewees via phone calls, personal visits, and emails. The following recruitment procedure…

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