Evaluation Of The Lesson Content Essays

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A brief overview of the lesson content was clearly explained for the first five minutes. The overview allowed students to be aware of the basketball skills such as dribbling and passing which would be covered in the lesson.. The short and clear overview of the lesson allowed the teacher to reduce her instructional time therefore students were able to get physically active immediately. Students were positioned in a half circle during this time. This was an effective strategy as every student was able to see and hear the teacher clearly. All students were behaving appropriately with good manners.
The teacher gained the group’s attention by using a loud voice. This worked well as students were focusing on what the teacher was saying in a short period of time. However, using a whistle could be more effective way to gain students’ attention in an outside learning environment which could be improved in the future.

According to the table above, the total management and instructional time was 22 minutes and active learning time was 23 minutes. Approximately the same amount of time was spent on management/instructional time and active learning time. In physical education, active learning time is important because this is the time when students get opportunities to be physically active and develop their skills. Therefore, it is important for teachers to ensure the active learning time is maximised. Although the verbal instructions were clear most of the time, there was a passing…

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