Essay on Evaluation Of The Best Practices For Health Aging

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The chapter entitled Planned and Built Environments discusses at length the environments in which the elderly as a population live. In addition, this chapter discusses the researched plans, execution and evaluation of the Best practices for to provide and promote the concept of “healthy aging”. Moreover, this chapter touches on the aspect of the best practices for health aging in regards to the gender, race, ethnicity, chronological age, socioeconomic status. In addition, the ecological model is uses to exemplify the multitude of possible interventions for the goal of healthy aging. The place or built environment has to be considered when trying to improve on health outcome for the older population.
There were three environmental pathways distinguished by various characteristics. The first pathway had to do with the main effects of the environment. These characteristics have a direct impact such as the presence of sidewalk. The second pathway also called the “casual pathway”, has to do with those items that mediate. An example would be the proximity of a grocery store to the residence. The mediating effects assist with the evidence of the built environment and its association with the demographics such as age, gender, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
The third pathway has to do with situations in the environment that “moderate” the relationship between the health outcome variables. The mediating effects assist with the evidence of the built environment and its…

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