Essay about Evaluation Of Safety And Quality And Patient Safety

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The goal of this essay paper is the evaluation of safety and quality issues in healthcare. Quality and patient safety are very important tools to critically evaluate working and delivering efficiency of healthcare. The quality and patient safety are described individually with definition. The scandal occurred at Mid Staffordshire foundation trust is taken as example for understanding of quality and safety issue. The specific reasons will be mentioned responsible for overall system failure at Mid Staffordshire hospital. The literatures are reviewed for understanding of either event like Mid Staffordshire could occur in any other health organisation or not. In the end, the current challenges for quality and safety in Australian Health System are discussed. Quality is like overarching umbrella under which patient safety can reside. Institute of Medicine (IOM) has defined quality as the “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge”. In another terms quality in healthcare can be defined as the clear expression of the healthcare standards (Mitchell 2008).The study on quality of Australian healthcare has clearly demonstrated that occurrence of adverse events lead to poor quality of healthcare system. These include events such as lack of clinical observation or assessment that misses deterioration in a person 's, medication administration incidents;…

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