Essay about Evaluation Of Performance Evaluation Plan

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Performance evaluation plan is a measure that both the management and employees need for growing their organizations into achieving high competitive advantage in its human resource. The process of performance evaluation can be quite challenging because different managerial tools will apply under different departments and situations as well as for different employees. Therefore, an optimal performance system should track the performance of employees in core aspects of the organization’s operations. In the above plan, I have identified client survey, timeliness, and collaboration as three vital tools for evaluating employee performance.
It is no doubt that clients or customers form pivotal part of organization growth or failure. Feedback from clients concerning how employees treat them can be informative source of information concerning employee performance depending on the nature of business or department of an organization. Agnihotri, Dingus, Hu, & Krush (2015) affirmed that the nature of interaction between sellers (organizations) and customers improve if the sales person communicates well through social media and other platforms. Whether it is sales or not, employees in a company are its representatives and should always communicate in a manner that portray the organization as valuing their clients. One component of client survey that as an employee performance tool is nature and frequency of communication with clients. An employee whom employees praises a regular and…

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