Evaluation Of An Essential Part Of The Learning Process And Educational Experience

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Assessments play an essential part of the learning process and educational experience. Assessments serve several purposes for both students and teachers alike. For example, teachers can use assessments to determine if their students are grasping the major concepts, themes, and ideas presented in a given unit or lesson. On the other hand, besides indicating student performance, assessments are used to illustrate student growth and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a given topic/concept. Furthermore, assessments come in two distinct forms, formative and summative. Both forms serve different purposes and play a pivotal role shaping the content, procedure, and product in the learning process. Prior to this semester, my knowledge surrounding formative assessments and differentiated instruction was limited. However, throughout the semester, I gained a better understanding of the significance of differentiation and utilizing formative assessments during instruction.
Formative assessments can be described as either formal or informal. The goal of formative assessments is to monitor student learning during the course of instruction. This allows teachers to collect data and feedback on student performance and in return, enables the teacher to revise/adjust their instruction. In other words, formative assessments are a crucial aspect of teaching allowing teachers to recognize where their students are struggling and how to address the problems…

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