Evaluation Of A Nurse 's Critical Thinking Skills Essay example

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According to the American Nurses Association the Nursing Process is the defined as the core of nursing practice. In nursing, this process is one of the foundations of the practice. It offers a stable framework for thinking through problems and provides some organization to a nurse 's critical thinking skills. Nursing can get a hectic at times that is why the nursing process is very supplemental to every nurse. In other words the nursing process is a series of organized steps designed for nurses to provide excellent care. The five phases are as follows, assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and lastly evaluating.
The first step in the five phases is assessing. Assessments provide the starting point for determining the nursing diagnoses, which is what we are overall looking for. In this first phase, data is gathered about the patient, family or community that the nurse is working with. We start this step by obtaining information about the patient. We could simply do this by interviewing the patient if they are capable, doing a physical examination of the patient, obtaining the patients medical records and finding out information such as their health history, family medical problems, dietary issues, etc. We also do assessments by just observing the patient, which in return would hopefully lead to a diagnosis. The second step in the nursing process is diagnosing. To accurately diagnose the nurse has to have a thorough assessment where she can analyze the information and…

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