Essay on Evaluation Of A Computer Or Ipad Therapeutically

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In the essay by Williams, she refers to Johnston’s assertion that “all we can do is control the input we provide to the children. We engineer the input we present to the children and it is the child who ultimately puts it all together.” For each of the following questions, consider how the clinician is controlling the input provided to the client.

1. Rvachew mentions using her computer a great deal for all aspects of the therapeutic process—assessment, documentation, and therapy—yet does mention the need for clinician guidance and the fact that not everything can be done by computer. Discuss why clinician guidance is needed when using a computer or iPad therapeutically. Brainstorm some situations in which a computer might not be appropriate for phonological therapy.

It is important to know when the appropriate time is to use technology in the therapy process. It must be beneficial and functional for the client. From a functionality standpoint, the client is not always going to be having a conversation or constructing a narrative while in front of a computer or tablet. You have to prepare him/her for different contexts. Only having the client produce the target sounds while seated in front of a computer is not going to give the clinician an accurate representation of what the client can do in natural contexts.

When working with a young client, he or she might get easily distracted by the use of a computer. When working with this type of client, it would be more…

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