Evaluation Of A Business Program Essay

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Our base model (SAMs 1000) will start at $7,000 while our SAMx series will start at $11,000 and can go up to $16,000 with customization. The finishes and upgrades the customer chooses in the customization process will determine the final price. The value of our special offers of yearly vehicles will be newly defined with every release. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to enter our “Renew Program” when upgrading/trading-in one of their SAM vehicles. Here, we will provide individual price estimates, which will allow them to decrease their starting price on a newer model. This program will ensure that our customer-base returns and will always be given the best price.

Auto Works will use a direct-to-consumer distribution model by selling its product solely through its brick and mortar established business. This decision is based on three considerations. First and foremost, through this we are able to offer a differentiated customer based relationship. Secondly, this way will allow us ensure that SAM is delivered to the customer in an orderly and professionally serviced way. Lastly, this process would allow for us to ensure that all our sales team is properly trained in the area of autonomous motor vehicles and services. As a company, Auto Works sees that is important that all new employees and current are well educated on what the SAM entails. In visiting with a member of our sales team, the customer experience should be of higher…

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