Evaluating The Financial Performance Of Seven Second Generation Banks Of Bangladesh

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Evaluating the Financial Performance of Seven Second Generation Banks of Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis

Md Mahbubur Rahman
Research Associate
Argus Credit Rating Services Limited
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email: m.rahman1091@gmail.com

Commercial banks are the active components in the development of an economy. The objective of this study is intended to evaluate comparative financial analysis during the period of 2011- 2014 of seven second generation commercial banks operating business in Bangladesh. To make a useful comparative study different financial ratios and measures are used. Financial ratios are segmented into four main categories and measures are including two indicators. Seven second generation banks are selected for comparison purpose. This study concludes analyzing the performance of seven second generation banks on the basis of efficiency ratio, growth ratio, capital adequacy ratio, asset quality and financial measures. This study also provides the managers with important information about different activities of second generation banks which have a strong effect on the financial performance of banks.
Key words: Banks, Financial performance, Banking Industry, Bangladesh, ROA, CAR.
1. Introduction
There are five core components of financial system namely financial markets, money, financial institutions, financial instruments and rules and regulations. In the broad field of finance and economy the main concept of financial performance greatly depends on a…

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