Evaluating The Efficiency Of Tesla Motors Essay

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Evaluating the Efficiency of Tesla Motors Inc.

Nowadays, efficiency considerations are an integral part of corporate planning. For different types of companies, there are always some different perspectives which make them efficient. According to Nordqvist (2014), Tesla Motors Inc. is an American company built in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The company focuses on design, developing manufactures, and selling electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. Although there are many perspectives that make Tesla Motors efficient, this essay will analyze three of these perspectives, comprising using new energy, IT system and supply chain. In this essay, the efficiency of using new energy will be analyzed first, followed by the IT system of Tesla, and in the end, supply chain will be found to make Tesla Motors efficient. All the discussions above will prove that Tesla Motors Inc. is an efficient company.

The first perspective that makes Tesla efficient and unique is the use of a renewable energy. Tesla uses electrical energy on all models of vehicles, leading to increased costs in the production process, but it can get support from policy and streamline processes of marketing. By using electric motor as the driving force, batteries in the electric vehicles are very enormously expensive. Tesla has to invest a large amount of money in buying batteries. However, compared to traditional vehicles, electric vehicles have greater advantages. There are many…

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