Evaluating Effective Teams Are The Productive Output Of An Organization

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Working in Teams

Working in Teams
Teamwork plays an imperative role in fostering growth and productivity in an organization. A team consists of people who work together towards a shared goal. Normally, teams ensure that cooperation is enhanced and any king of competition that seeks to divide the employees is minimized. Effective teams are defined by the level of satisfaction on the members, the productivity in an organization, and the commitment of the members to remain focused on the tasks. Conflicts are bound to occur, especially when competition, ineffective communication, lack of fairness, and poor leadership are common in an organization. Creating an environment that fosters strong bonds between the employees is vital in sustaining the teams. Fostering employee morale through rewards and recognitions is also important in enhancing job satisfaction. The following discussion will focus on working in teams, the challenges, and the resolutions.
Criteria for Evaluating Effective Teams The main criteria for evaluating effective teams are the productive output, satisfaction of the personal needs, and commitment to the accomplishment of the organizational goals (White, 2009). Normally, teams are formed because of certain objectives. One of the main aims is to enhance the level of productivity in an organization. The management may set targets that ought to be achieved within a specified time. If the level of productivity is equal or exceeds the…

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