Evaluate the Mechanism for Protecting the Rights of Children and Young People

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The COAG National Framework refers to the protection of children. The slogan “protecting children is everyone's right” ensures that children within Australia are kept nourished and safe. The COAG is invested by the government and non-government sector to protect the rights of children and their families. The purpose of COAG is to ensure children are not violated through collecting data and conducting investigations. The ‘COAG report’ found that in 2007-08 there were over 55.000 reports of child abuse and neglect within Australia. However since the report has been conducted there has been a dramatic reduce in the number of abuse and neglect cases within Australia. The COAG National Framework is effective in meeting the needs of children and …show more content…
The Ombudsman Act 1974 NSW No 86 demonstrates the part extends to person who reside with authorised carers. This Part applies to an individual (other than a child) who resides for 3 weeks or more on the same property as an authorised carer in the same way as this Part applies to an employee and in any such case the individual is, for the purposes of this Part, taken to be an employee of the designated agency that authorised the authorised carer. This distinguish the rights and responsibilities of children and young person’s from those of an adult to create a conformed and adjusted environment that meets the needs of children and young people. This allows the children to have a fair opportunity in society and to be able to be treated equally and not to be discriminated against because of their age. Overall new common and statute law has protected children who are a mostly innocent component of society and thus it has been effective overall.

The courts have passed numerous acts to protect young people by restricting their activities and increasing the responsibilities of adults to ensure welfare of children. Acts such as the Family act 1975 (Cth), Education Act 1990 (NSW) has enshrined the rights of children which has in turn created legal institutions to promote these rights. These changes effectively give power and rights to children who historically have been at the mercy of adults. This is beneficial as it improves the standard of living

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