Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift form the West to the East

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Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift form the West to the East During the last two decades there has been a visible shift in economic power, China and India are the main actors in what many analysts predict the rise of the east and the downfall of the west. China and India at a first glance look to have taken the same path, both with a steady and positive GDP curve. The free trade agreements and cheap work force make from China and India a great alternative to US, many companies moved their operations from US to where the sun rises in order to reduce cost, and a lot of Asian products have entered the American market at a cheaper price replacing products of a better quality. The future doesn’t seem to look
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The internet user database is growing at a fast pace and students in India talk about this decade as being the best decade to be born and live there, even thaw India lacks in infrastructure, companies like Google managed to change the style of life for young students or interns, Cisco has recognized that they chose to move part of operation because of the cost, the stayed because the good quality, surprised them, and they are still there because now they are the stage of innovation of discovering new things through the eyes of the many graduates that are eager to make a mark. The hunger for knowledge and success, the idea of innovation is not just the benefit of foreign companies that moved in China or India in search of a cheaper and more efficient workforce, it is mainly a gain for these two nations, many new companies appeared that offer quality services for other foreign companies or countries, India is leading the market in quality steel, Lakshmi Mittal the CEO of ArcelorMittal being the 6th richest person in the world, while his company is the world largest steal making company. The changes in economic power will always affect the politics and politicians will always try to find a way of canceling the

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