Evade Pays Up Essay

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ISSUE: How much should eVade Pays Up record sales tax in State X for particular time period?
BRIEF BACKGROUND OF COMPANY eVade, an online retailer, fulfills its online orders by shipping its products directly to customers in all 50 states. eVade does not have a brick-and-mortar store presence in any state, but does operate distribution centers in various states across the country, including State X. Consistent with its practice in all 50 states, eVade does not collect or remit sales tax to State X.
In recent court rulings, State X has taken the position that operating a distribution center within a state constitutes nexus and thus would subject that company to collect and remit sales tax on all sales within that state.
The following
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December 31, 2011 • Recognized $25 million
• As liability under Sales Tax Payable
March 15, 2012 • Carried over of $25 million from statement of 12/31/2011
• Plus the amount of accrued Sales Tax Payable from 1/1/12-3/1/12
June 15, 2012 • A decrease in Cash and the Sales Tax Liability accounts by $25 million
• Increase the Sales Tax Liability account by the amount accrued from 4/1/12-6/15/12

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