Euthanasia Is The Practice Of Giving A Lethal Dose Of Medicine With The Intention Of Ending A Life

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Euthanasia is the practice of giving a lethal dose of medicine with the intention of ending a life. Euthanasia is a difficult decision for all who are involved. Although it is only legal in five states, physicians still perform the procedure. There are many reasons ill people could decide to have an assisted-suicide, but becoming a burden on their family is a major reason. The fear of losing control is a patient’s final push to euthanasia, but many still question the morals of the practice. Studies show that the average person fears the future especially if he or she is ill. The main reason for the decision could be the emotions someone goes through when terminally ill (Gamond 4). Assisted suicide is where doctors give patients the medicine, but the patient administers the medicine to themselves at their own pace (“8 Main Pros and Cons”). Active Euthanasia is the practice of injecting a patient with a lethal dose of medication for primary intention of ending the patient’s life (Meier, Emmons, etal 1). Physician assisted suicide plays with morals of the patient and even the doctor (“25 Surprising Physician” 4). The practice of ending a life can be a tricky process. The doctors want to make sure that the patient realizes what they are going to do. Most doctors would not mind euthanasia, and 24% of doctors said they would give the doses to the patient (Meier, Emmons, etal 2). Doctors are known for doing everything they can to keep someone alive. So if a doctor is killing…

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