Euthanasia And The Death Of Euthanasia Essay

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There’s many different ways people die. Someone might drown, others can suffer from a heart attack or even get hit by a car. We could get even more serious and say cancer, organ failure or a brain tumor. As of recently though, countries have started debating on a new way people can die. Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide has become a very talked about topic all around the world. As of now, only people over the age of 18, in their right state of mind and with a terminal illness that only gives those six months to live are qualified to request euthanasia. Many people are pro-euthanasia calling it “dying with dignity” while others are against saying doctors are supposed to help keep people alive, not kill them. Personally, I am pro euthanasia because it’s their own body so why should others take that choice away from them, also because I didn’t really know a lot about it, researching this topic was interesting.
Euthanasia isn’t really a new issue though. According to an article written by the ProQuest staff, some of the first records of physicians helping their patients die was in Ancient Greece and Rome. They would give their suffering patients a deadly poison to end the pain. Year’s later euthanasia was brought up again in the book Utopia written by Sir Thomas More. He wrote, "They console the incurably ill by sitting and talking with them and by alleviating whatever pain they can. Should life become unbearable for these incurables the magistrates and priests do not…

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