The Practice Of Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia, should not be an option for patients. Euthanasia could open up an opportunity for patients with non-critical illnesses who are suffering from depression or other mental health illnesses to commit suicide. It also could create an opportunity for the population who needs protection the most to be taken advantage of. Additionally, the practice of euthanasia can open the door to hopelessness for doctors and families and keep them from looking for life-saving or prolonging measures. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the practice of euthanasia reduces the value of human life by allowing it to become a byproduct of humans instead of remaining something to be determined by the laws of nature. Historically, …show more content…
Physician-assisted suicide should not be an option for patients because it is not the place of humans to violate natural, spiritual, or even what is accepted as secular law in much of the world. There are some who will argue that it is the right of the patient to determine how they will die, with dignity and without pain and suffering. There are also those who believe that if a person chooses to die, that it is their decision. What is perhaps most unacceptable is the idea that anyone believes that they are above the pain and suffering of this mortal, human life. We all suffer, and we all endure pain. Some have more than others. At the end of the day, this is one of the facts that tie us all together into a great human story and we must each endure our portion in kind. For many, the promise of eternal life after death after all of the suffering of this earth is done is enough to keep them here until death comes. For those who would end their lives and ask others to help, the spark of human spirit must sustain them. In all of society we see evidence of humanity being tossed aside, of human life being devalued. The gift of death for the terminally ill must be given by the same force that gives it to us, whatever individual beliefs think that is, whether it is God, or Allah, or the Universe, or even biology

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