Essay about Euthanasia And How Do Americans Use It?

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What is Euthanasia and How Do Americans Use it? Over the course of history, one thing has been certain for every human: death is unavoidable. Some have tried running from this reality while others push to bring death unto themselves sooner than necessary. The manner in which we die is important to us for ethical reasons. Being a part of Western Society, Americans take stock in Christian ideals, morals, and principles. The ideal death for some is for their country in the line of duty. This is a part of Militarism which has been around for centuries. For others, it’s the death for an idea or a cause in which they believe in. A prime example of this would be a Samurai committing Seppuku. During which a Samurai who has failed to uphold his honor commits suicide by gutting himself with a crowd to watch. Slightly more brutal than the guillotine or hanging but it sends a clear message that he failed and that this is how he atones for his errors. However, the majority of us believe in a natural death. This death is the product of old age, diseases that are incurable, or just quietly passing in our sleep. Suicide goes against this logic as it is an individual killing themselves instead of a disease, another human, or unforeseen event killing them. The only viable reason for suicide is when the victim is already on their deathbed or have a death date. We are all going to die someday but what if that person already has a confirmed death date, say in the next six months or so. What if…

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