Euthanasi Passive And Voluntary Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia exists in several different forms, from passive to voluntary euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is “the removal of a terminally ill or comatose patient from life support” (Right), and is legal throughout the United States. Physician-assisted suicide is legal in four states in the U.S; this is where a doctor gives a patient something to end his or her life but does not directly provide a lethal dose. When suffering from terminal illnesses the side effects can range from loss of autonomy or the ability to make choices, the ability to engage in activities that make life enjoyable, loss of dignity, losing control of bodily functions, and many other excruciating outcomes. Which is why it is important for every patient suffering with a terminal illness, to have the option or right to seek a dignified death with the assistance of a physician. Just as the right to refuse medical treatment is legal and upheld in the court system, the time and manner of death is a matter of human dignity. This kind of decision should be up to the patient only, “Society does not have the right to strip a mentally competent, incurably ill individual of her inviolable human dignity when she seeks aid in dying from her physician” (Right). In 1976 the first case concerning the right to die came about when Karen Ann Quinlan entered into a coma after overdosing on drugs. When her parents discovered that she had no chance of recovery, they wanted to disconnect Karen’s respirator. The hospital…

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