Euthanasi It 's The Ultimate And The Unavoidable Ending Of Life

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Death, it’s the ultimate and the unavoidable ending of life. It was once considered to be unpredictable and untimely determined by one’s own faith. But as time passed on by and as we developed as a society the idea of faith and death differs from how it was viewed in the pass. Now with new scientific development and medical techniques the reliefs of death are determined by doctors and are available to medical patient. This is a process of assisted suicide, commonly referred as euthanasia, is the, “deliberate killing committed under the impulse of compassion in order to relieve the physical pains of a person suffering from an incurable disease” (Diaconescu). Some praise this due to the fact of how it gives people the right to die with dignity by the hands of themselves or a close loved one. However even though euthanasia is praised by some, the idea is still immoral. Doctor killing their patients is strictly taboo in the medical field and under no circumstance should a doctor willingly kill a patient that they swore to do everything in their power to save. This could put patients at risk from corrupt doctors. In order to prohibit this “laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are in place to prevent abuse and to protect people from unscrupulous doctors” (Marker). That is why euthanasia should be prohibited throughout the world so death will not be considered to be merely a simple decision that anyone with the desires could make.
The word “euthanasia” is a Greek word and…

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