Euthanasi Is It Really? Essay examples

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Sometimes people just want a way out, suppose you are the one sick with cancer and in constant pain. As a nurse you see many patients come and go. Some stick around a while and suffer for years before passing on. Imagine if it was your parent, would you be able to watch them suffer in agony. You may think of euthanasia as an act of God, but is it really? As controversial as euthanasia is; it still has its good points. Yes, there are conservatives who make ethical arguments against euthanasia. Most people consider euthanasia a form of suicide, and this would cause most Christians to stand against euthanasia for religious reasons. As most Christians believe that suicide is an unforgivable sin. Some believe that euthanasia can become a means to reduce cost of health care. For those who could not afford life sustaining measures, it is feared by some that euthanasia would be forced upon them (Arguements Against Euthanasia). There is also a fear that some people abuse the intended purpose of euthanasia. An example of this would of the girl in her mid-twenties who is seeking euthanasia for unmanaged depression. This young girl’s story has aired all over social media, Facebook. Most feel that because she is physically healthy, that she should not qualify for euthanasia; even though, she suffers from uncontrolled mental illness. By the way by Belgium regulations this girl doesn’t only qualify, but she has also already prepared and planned her own euthanasian. Now you…

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