Ethos, Pathos, And Logos Essay

715 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
Bleh, locking down a clear understanding of ethos, pathos, and logos took a significant amount of time and research. Being able to apply this concept to a paper I found to be even more difficult especially in clarifying ethos and logos. In my mind, I over simplified the two concepts to ethos equaling credibility and logos to mean the accuracy of the information, but in my research, this was not always the case. In a basic Google search of rhetoric and web design, many sources stated that logos was the layout and ease of use of a website. The ethos, on the other hand, was how "professional" the website looked. A long lesson, in a nutshell, do not oversimplify definitions then try to elaborate on that. That was on one of my shortcomings in this paper. I wrote the first rough draft without a clear understanding of what rhetoric was. The second rough draft, I feel, is not entirely clear as to what the point of the paper is. The final essay that I submitted I still felt needed some more adjustment but I didn 't do it. I had read the essay so many times that my thought process "glazed over" just looking at the words. I had to cut my losses, but that advice early on the semester about putting your work away and coming back to is possibly the most important part of my writing process at this point.

Again, elaborating on my last statement, I absolutely have to put my work away for a couple of days before doing any revisions. My balance of research and brainstorming is in a good…

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