Essay On Logos Ethos And Pathos

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A quality debate or discussion is characterized by the use of rhetoric and the three appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos—which are considered the building blocks of rhetoric. According to Webster’s dictionary, rhetoric is “The art of speaking with propriety, elegance, and force”. Rhetoric is powerful, it gives a person power to change another one’s stance. Rhetoric has not always been used for good however, things like, the Nazi propaganda machine, hate speeches and morally wrong agendas, have been damaging to society. But, when used for something like witnessing to others and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it has the power to aid in opening up excellent conversations about one’s morals and salvation.
180, a video created by Ray Comfort
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Logos has to be the most important technique when trying to persuade an audience, without it, an argument is weak and incomplete. As stated before, Comfort makes four augments in this video which are tied together to come to the fact that abortion is wrong, especially in the eyes of the Creator. The first argument, “The Holocaust was outrageous", is easy to support because of the cruel, obvious acts against the lives of the jews. Comfort is easily able to engage people on this subject because most people have an opinion on these events in history. In his second argument “Abortion is the same” Comfort compares the two. Both were sanctioned by the government, both were a right, and both were approved by the people. It can be easy to see how people are deceived today as far as the idea that abortion seems to be a right that the mother has and is not necessary killing. In the third argument “Abortion is a sin”, Ray Comfort must convince his audience that there is a creator of these children and it is against his law to destroy the life he has given. This is a more difficult argument as this deals with the heart and belief in God. Many of the people he talked to had a basic sense that there was a God and have morals that tell them they should not kill. The fourth argument “Jesus Christ is the atonement for sin” is where he makes the turn from a controversial debate to a …show more content…
If one believes in Jesus Christ and the call to take the gospel to all nations, he should feel an even greater urge to have a sound answer and way of communicating with people. In 1 Peter 3:15, the apostle Peter tells the believer to “Honor the Messiah as Lord in yours. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”. One should take the Great Commission as a decision to convince. The New Testament is a good example of rhetoric being used in sharing the Gospel. The four Gospels tug at one’s heart using pathos and is filled with emotion in eyewitness accounts of Christ’s life. Paul has countless examples of using rhetoric to convince and convict the early church in its philosophy and beliefs. He uses argumentation which urges an audience to pursue a particular course of action in the future (2009, Paul’s Rhetoric). Another example would be of ethos in his introductions and recitations of credentials of the one about to

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