Ethos of Feed the Children Essays

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Melissa Cannon

Ethos Project

For Business communication class we were given the assignment of choosing two websites that where we could analyze ethos and provide how each website appealed to the audience. The two web sites that were chosen for this group project are, “UNICEF” and “Feed the Children”. We chose these two websites since these are charitable websites with good moral, good will and practices which provide great ethos. There were several differences in design and structure between the two websites which will be described in the following paragraphs.

On the web site for UNICEF, this organization is for the assistance to aide countries around the world. They distribute food, supplies, medicine to villages in foreign
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It’s not really a persuasive way of making the viewer a donor but you understand the website’s purpose. Displayed at the top of the webpage is the logo of a child holding up a bowl, as if asking for food, with the words “Feed the Children”. The slogan presented beside it states, “It’s who we are. It’s what we do”. The logo and the slogan are catchy but don’t really create an interest to continue reading their website. From the information provided by the website its focus is mainly on feeding children. Throughout the website, pictures of sad children are displayed, along with a statistic of how many children are starving, followed with a request of a donation. Again they are using similar ethos like other websites. The front webpage also gives you a link “Who is Feed the Children?” where you can find more information on the organization such as their background, accountability, and their presence in the news. The Feed the Children organization has been involved in serving the community within the United States and Internationally. They also created the Abandoned Babies and Children (ABC) program that serves the same purpose. The website provides separate links where you can access information regarding the United States, around the world, and the ABC program. In the “Accountability” link, you will find financial information on their organization such as a pdf file of their annual financial statements. This provides crucial information as it gives

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