Ethnocentrism, Competition, And Differential On Power Essay

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Writing Assignment #2 1. Noel Hypothesis characterizes three features: ethnocentrism, competition, and differential in power. If all three characteristics are present in a contact between groups, subsequently minority groups will be formed. If one or two characteristics are instant, then some unequal treatment between the groups will occur. Black Africans/African Americans and Native Americans contact situation with colonists can be described by all three characteristics, only that Native Americans did not become slaves as black Africans did. Based on ethnocentric characteristic, black Africans and Native Americans were seen completely different human beings from the colonists, because of the language, the appearance, and the lifestyle. The main factor about black Africans was their skin color “In the English mind, the color black was freighted with an array of negative images: “deeply stained with dirt,” “foul,” “dark or deadly” in purpose, “malignant,” “sinister,” “wicked,” The color white, on the other hand, signified purity, innocence, and goodness. (Takaki 50)”. At the same time, Native Americans were judged by their wild lifestyle. Native Americans were seen by colonists as uncivilized creatures (Takaki 46). The Indians were also seen as Devil worshippers (Takaki 41). Native Americans were judged harshly, so the white people could use it as an excuse to take away their land.
The land started the competition between Native Americans and colonists (Healey 112). In…

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