Ethnic Cleansing Native Americans

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In the 1820’s and 30’s after the death of Tecumseh, Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley faced what amounted to an ethnic cleansing. After the war of 1812, “settlers” outnumbered Native Americans 7 to 1. Throughout history, Native Americans have been referred to as “savages” or “primitive”. America is the one who seems savage like for their removal and elimination of the Native Americans. The way the Native American were disregarded and treated by the Americans is horrific. America stands for the land of the free and the home of the brave. In that moment of history, America does not seem brave at all and there is no freedom for the Native Americans.
The ethnic cleansing that occurred with the Native Americans reminds me of what is
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Many Americans reactions are based on what the media says. If the media is leaning towards one side, Israel, then the mass population will follow on that side. Palestinians are viewed as the threat to the Israelis and this is how America has perceived them. The Native Americans went through a similar situation as the Palestinians by the Americans. History is re writing itself and we are standing on the wrong side of it. The Holocaust is taught in depth in Germany so that the society can learn from the mistakes that the country has made. I feel that if the Native American history was also taught as in depth to the Americans at a younger age then maybe we would be able to sympathize more with countries going through what we did to the Native …show more content…
In history we leave out the part about how America was before Christopher Columbus arrived and just talk about the good stuff that the settlers founded. I believe that the Americans probably did not sympathize as greatly because they might have not known the complete history of our country. Our country celebrates and honors Christopher Columbus because that’s what were taught at a young age, to honor the man who “found” the Americas. We are told about the great things and leave out the bad. However, the gruesome and horrific treatments of the Native Americans should be taught as well. That is how we will be able to learn from our wrongs in case history was to ever repeat itself. This is why I don’t feel that America at the time reacted strongly or opposed Jackson’s decision. Americans did not feel as if they could relate to the Native Americans so they couldn’t side with them. They only wanted what they presumably thought was their

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